Mindful Based Yoga

With full attention in your body
In the here and now, being okay with how things are
In the here and now, lovingly dealing with everything that presents itself

In these Mindful Yoga classes, we work with your whole body and being human. We do this together with the elements of nature and the energy of the moment. Each week in a small group of no more than 3 participants so there is always plenty of personal attention for you.

– Working on deeper layers of your connective tissue and muscles
– Exercise with your physical and mental challenges
– Being aware of everything that happens
– Learning to be present in your body
– Meditation and mind training
– Activation of the self-healing capacity and energy pathways in your body

I invite you to treat yourself with compassion and love. We live in this society an awful lot with our head, however, our head is only such a small part of everything who we essentially are.

To look at yourself without judgment and to move with all that is, this time for yourself gives you a freedom from within that you cannot find anywhere else but in your own body.

Our body is our greatest compass, your feelings are always right and your body knows the way. Give yourself and your body loving attention in the here and now.

Everything starts with you

As of June 22, 2022
Every Wednesday morning
10:00 – 11:30

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I’ll meet you on the mat with love.
You are very welcome in all who you are.


Yoga Streams: Yin, Do-In & Restoritive


Loose yoga class 15.00
5-ride card 65,-
10-ride card 125,-
Subscription 55,- p/m for 1 x per week

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