Yoga & singing bowls ceremony

Let us take you through a special healing session with singing bowls. We get moving with the energy of the moon, singing bowls and relaxing Yoga.

This combination is a fine way to release blockages and beliefs and unwind. The pure sounds together with the energy of the moon allow you to let go of your thoughts and connect with yourself. You are going to experience more gentleness and relaxation, where just nothing has to be and everything is allowed to be.

Everything is made up of energy, thus sound is also energy and everything is vibration. Every person and every object has its own vibrational frequency. If all vibrations are in harmony, then you are in balance. You are then one with yourself and all that is. You live in the here and now, you are focused on yourself and you are wonderfully relaxed.

Our world and our bodies consist of 70% water; water is the basis of all life. Everything is made up of energy and each person has their own unique frequency. Vibrations can be felt by all of us because of this. When your vibration is in balance, you are in balance and everything in your life goes in a fluid motion. When something in your physical or mental being is out of balance, your system no longer runs smoothly and blocks.

Like domino stones, your body can react to imbalance in the form of tension, stress, unpleasant feelings, cramping or physical discomfort. Ensuring good health of body and mind, creates harmony in your whole consciousness and allows you to live a truly relaxed life again.

Feeling relaxed gives space to be truly present and allowed to experience full balance. When energetic blockages are allowed to be dissolved, energy can flow freely again throughout your body.

Singing bowls journeys are sound healings which have an effect on your total body and mind. These vibrations penetrate through our nervous system to your organs, brain, blood, bones and even your DNA. In conjunction with relaxing yoga, the body’s self-healing ability is addressed and stimulated.

Running your life smoothly and experiencing wonderful flow. The best part is that all you get to do is come and lie back and relax and let all the magical vibrations do their work!

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