Sexual Healing

~ Embracing your divinity again ~

Do you know the feeling that you are ready for the next step in intimacy with your partner but you don’t know how?
You feel there’s a blockage but you don’t know what or where it’s coming from?
Are you afraid or unable to give yourself completely to your partner, even though you really want to?
You feel discomfort and pain in your body while being intimate with your partner?

Sexual healing is for anyone who:

Sexually abused
Ritual has been abused
Sex addicted was or is
Experiences pain during intimacy
Feeling shame and discomfort
Unable to give himself completely
Rejecting oneself and not feeling good enough
Possibly familiar with prostitution
Has been physically and/or psychologically abused
Intimacy to neediness has had
Familiar with destructive relationships that included sexual abuse, mistreatment, domination or narcissistic traits

The upbringing of your parents or ancestors also have a great impact on you.
Even if abuse occurs in family does it have a big impact on your own sexuality?

What you may experience from Sexual Healing:

You may feel your softness and your sensual side again
Recovering the flow of pure love and life energy
Taking full trust and ownership over your holiness
Rediscovering your life force and creative power
Being intimate and open to yourself, your partner and the world
You experience more self-confidence and grow in surrender
Daring to be open and vulnerable and indicate what you want
Learning where your boundaries are and daring to express them
Knowing what causes when you block during intimacy or love play

Sexual Healing is made for you if you are ready for the connection of pure love with yourself, your partner and the world
This is for you if you want to get more out of yourself to come into full surrender with life and all that you want to manifest
For anyone who wants to learn to live equally, in surrender and go through life without judgment

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