Master 11 healing circle ~ Step out of the dark into your Goddess light ~

She sees the
I hear
She feels it
I smell it

Together we know how to finely find her all the roots and the hairiest darkness to bring out your divine light, power and wisdom.

The first is about energy change in schools, training, teachers, mentors, therapists and healers. Where you have consciously or unconsciously made an exchange of energy.

Know that this energy can have an impact on you and your system.

Of those inner needs how does he/she not see me and others do? Kind of like wanting to belong but not knowing how you feel or think this. Also always the thoughts that go to a teacher or mentor and you don’t know why? Looking up to teachers and mentors and thus not being able to see your own true self or essence.

Do you recognize this?

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A healing circle to release you from the energies of teachers and mentors, bringing you one giant step closer to your essence, your true self, your Divinity. Experience what it does for you to experience your own Divinity and freedom again.

(Each Master 11 Healing Circle will focus on a different topic)

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