Goddesses Art Temple Massage

We as two goddesses want to give you everything you need with all our love, strength and surrender!
You may sink fully into yourself
Feeling safe to receive everything in surrender

Do you find it challenging to receive?
Do you feel a Yes?
Do you feel within yourself this is what I want?

Come lie on our table and we will give you what you need and what we have to give
Coming home to yourself
Feeling the unity
Opening your heart to the flow of pure love, the flow of life itself
Going back into yourself and into your body, receiving the love we have to give you

Do you want to receive the God or Goddess within you?
Something you were born with, your birthright,
your light, your love, your strength and your talents
Do you want to claim everything back?
Do you want to receive the flow of life, the flow of pure love?
Do you long to come home to yourself?
To be fully present and connected?

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