Goddess Massage

A zen moment for you
Immerse yourself in pure love
You get exactly what you need
Experience what is waiting for you

Sometimes more is needed
To get out of your head
To know what your deep heart desires are
To know purely from within yourself
What you really need right now

Everything is stored in your body
Your soul, your field and vibration
Your body knows exactly what it needs

It indicates when something is wrong
When you stagnate
Where you have blockages
Where the energy does not flow
And what it all wants to tell you

What message is your body giving?

Everything you want to know is in you

Do you want to open your heart?
Do you want to know your deepest heart desires?
Do you really want to be connected?
Do you want to let go of something?
Do you want to be in your power?
Do you want to show yourself more?
Do you want to manifest something?
Do you want to forgive yourself or someone?
Do you want to boost your sexuality?
Do you want to know what life energy does to you?
Do you want to awaken the divine in yourself?

I invite you to join me on the table
You may quietly sink into your whole being

Let me talk for you
Let me touch you for you
Let me translate you for you
Let me fill you with pure love for you

Experience what a pure consciousness of the highest purest vibration can do to you and what it may bring to you
I feel with you beyond all conditioning, beliefs and patterns

You always get purely what you need

Together we also give Goddesses Art Temple massages for you

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