Magical 4 hands Lomi Lomi Healing massage

We have chosen to be 100% Pure Love and are following a path to be as pure as possible, allowing now the Holy Spirit & God and their master team of the very highest vibration to work through us and our channel is a conduit to come to earth with what we may give you

As Master Goddess and Master Teacher, together we are master number 11
We know, in fine detail, where it is, how it is, where we may touch and the Holy Spirit and God and their Master team tell us where we may touch and what words may be said to get you where you may stand.

100% Pure Love and experience what pure consciousness of the highest vibration may bring you and tell you how to get here.

We invite you to join us on the table
You may quietly sink into your whole being

Let us talk for you
Let us touch you for you
Let us translate you for you
Let us fill you with pure love for you

We finish each other’s sentences, we find the right words, the right touches together to bring you where you may come and want to be

We surrender to anyone who wants to work through us, to give you something. Through our pure channel, it is possible that the Holy Spirit & God and their team will also give you something. This is powerful healing from the highest purest vibration a human being can experience here on earth.

Experience what a pure consciousness of the highest purest vibration can do to you and what it may bring you. We feel with you beyond all conditioning, beliefs and patterns. You really get purely what you need, to get where you are allowed to go during the massage.

Now temporarily from 315, – for 240, – incl free Reading!
Also bookable with subsequent lunch for 15, – extra.

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