Energetic Body Coaching

Discover your body wisdom
How important do you think your body is?
How often do you listen to your inner voice?
How often does your body say NO but you still do YES?

Together with you we will explore your whole humanity
In your body, your field and mind
Everything you want to find is already in your body
Everything is connected to your physical body

Learn to discover your own sound and sensations
Learn to listen to your body
Learn to look without judgment and expectations

Energetic Body Coaching is for you as you:

  • Getting stuck in yourself and your body
  • Finding yourself not worthy enough
  • Would like to love your body
  • Always ending up in a visual circle
  • Feels you are constantly going against your nature
  • Finding it difficult to listen to your body
  • Want to learn to understand your own body and signals
  • Often make it much harder on yourself than it is
  • Want to learn to listen to your own intuition and feelings
  • Need handles to choose for yourself
  • Realizes change is needed but you don’t know how

What is touched in you is unique at each stage
What you need in each moment will change again and again
We look at your mirror and may you become aware of your whole body
You may literally see who you are and feel what is needed for you
You may regain your self-love

You may begin to embrace and love everything about yourself
You may trust your nature and learn to listen to your unique needs

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Feel free to get in touch.
You are very welcome with all who you are.

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